Manufactur is a creative agency that offers unique design solutions including web development, branding, identity, marketing, strategy, and content.

Los Angeles, CA
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Durham, NC

The Team

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mute icon Matthew Bowers

Co-Founder / Creative Director

Our co-founder, creative director, photographer, front end developer, concrete artisan, interior decorator, playlist champion, screen printer and pal. Seriously though, ask him about concrete.


mute icon Nick DeNitto

Co-Founder / Managing Director

Co-founder, office dad, backend dev, wine enthusiast (WSET Level 3), pit master, dj, producer, writer, day trader, lover, friend. Nick makes his own sauce.


mute icon Vanessa Casarrubias

Partner / Chief of Staff

Part woman, part Wallace (her dog), Vanessa is Manufactur and vice versa. PM, Strategist, Peace bringer. She is the glass ceiling that isn’t there, she is the breeze that blows in from Santa Ana. She is the candle that is always LIT.


mute icon Rachel Hayes


The designer affectionately known as RayHay. Talented, quiet, best dressed. Drawing on inspiration from the far reaches of the internet, she keeps us current on Tiktok, Ariana Grande, memedom, and everything in between.


mute icon Yauna Olmstead

Project Manager

When she's not running client projects from the LA office (or home), Yauna can be found shooting photos, styling shoots, editing video, and just generally being as kind as she is smooth (as in "very").


mute icon Brooke Nivens

Strategist / UX

Poet, planner, video artist. Brooke is fearless, tireless, and painfully cool. Was she simply born 30 years too late? Or did a Gen X hipster dude somehow get Freaky Friday-ed with a Gen Z girl? Whatever the case, we're eternally grateful that this budding strategist, time traveler, and ambassador of good taste is here and now.


mute icon Farah Casis

Brand Ambassador

God-level event planner, superstar networker, coordinator, connector, venue operator, dancer, polyglot, traveler, entrepreneur. Farah genuinely wants to hear about your project. Give her a shout!


mute icon Brendan Sheehan

Technical Director

Oh, what the heck? This frickin' guy. If you look closely at every picture of every cool thing that happened since 1997, Brendan is likely in the background somewhere. He's a next level front end developer and dev ops guru. A JavaScript expert. He built and launched the Coachella site himself... TWICE. Lived with Panda Bear in college. Brendan is like Forest Gump but smart.


mute icon Sarah Damsky

Copy Writer


mute icon Rafael Mendoza Vela

Web Designer

Passionate, enthusiast, straightforward, designer, gamer, named by Oprah “the best Age of Empires player of our generation”. A multi-disciplinary creative from México, currently living the Manufactur experience, committed to staying current and relentlessly challenging himself to learn more.

mute icon Gabbi Soong


Alias: “Happi Gabbi” and “The Gift (of Gab).” Multidiscipline ceramics-maker, graphic designer, story teller, and sometimes dancer (think Step Up/You Got Served). Curious, ever-smiling, lover of philosophy, wabi sabi, and corn dogs.

mute icon Alex Pillow


Experimental designer, film photographer, screen printer, coffee fiend, cat dad, and maker of things. Alex is equally happy climbing a mountain, sleeping on the couch, or making a zine.