The Agency

A global agency with a local feel.

Manufactur is a creative agency headquartered in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles that offers unique design solutions including web development,
branding, identity, marketing, strategy, and content.

Our Offices

The Team

Our co-founder, creative director, photographer, front end developer, concrete artisan, interior decorator, playlist champion, screen printer and pal. Seriously though, ask him about concrete.

Los Angeles, CA



Co-founder, office dad, backend dev, wine enthusiast (WSET Level 3), pit master, dj, writer, day trader, lover, friend. Nick makes his own sauce.

Los Angeles, CA

Nick DeNitto


Part woman, part Wallace (her dog), Vanessa is Manufactur and vice versa. PM, Strategist, Peace bringer. She is the glass ceiling that isn’t there, she is the breeze that blows in from Santa Ana. She is the candle that is always LIT.

Seattle, WA

Vanessa Casarrubias

Partner / Lead Producer

Rachel makes the Durham office run. The trains are on time, they're well-dressed, and they're fueled by iced matcha. She can also be seen contributing to graphic design, strategy, copywriting, and digital marketing.

Durham, NC

Rachel Hayes

Junior Designer / Administrative Assistant

Front-end developer, YouTuber, writer, and beard grower. He wears many hats, literally and figuratively. Fueled by coffee with a passion for clean code and awesomeness.

Durham, NC

Aaron Newcomer


When she's not running the LA office, Yauna can be found shooting photos, styling shoots, editing video, and just generally being smooth AF.

Los Angeles, CA

Yauna Olmstead

Administrative Assistant

Surfer, drummer, programmer, dude. Hank is a true Southern gent: North Carolina bred and corn bread fed. When he’s not chasing waves, he’s coding sites from scratch and solving any problems we can throw at him.

Durham, NC

Hank Mitsch

Junior Developer

Style guru, influencer, digital marketing maven, graphic artist, student, teacher. Amber is our LA office coolness barometer. 2legit. Cannot quit.

Los Angeles, CA

Amber Bjel

Social Media / Brand Ambassador

God-level event planner, superstar networker, coordinator, connector, venue operator, dancer, polyglot, traveler, entrepreneur. Farah genuinely wants to hear about your project. Give her a shout!

Los Angeles, CA

Farah Casis

Brand Ambassador

#Jungle Biz

The latest company retreat

For our 2017 Manufactur retreat, we went to down to Nosara in Costa Rica.
This particular day, we powered through chest deep puddles to find a stretch of pristine beach in a secluded cove just in time for sunset

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