Half Past: Creating an immersive brand for the here, now, and whenever

Half Past believes every moment is an invitation, and they’re redefining the concept of “hard seltzer” with hybrid recipes that defy seasonality. Their objective was to increase brand recognition and awareness for their launch with identity creation, original packaging, and a custom Shopify store. We were thrilled to capture their nonchalant coolness and assist in manifesting their vision. As the most irresistible hard-seltzer in the game, we wanted to help show the world: any time truly is a good time for Half Past.

Half Past Can of Grapefruit with Rosemary Hard Seltzer
Four Flavors of Canned Half Past Hard Seltzer
Half Past Can of Ginger with Turmeric Hard Seltzer

Half Past’s Identity: Not just a mood but a vibe

When we set out to create an identity for Half Past, we knew we wanted to make something emblematic and iconic. When someone spotted a Half Past can, we wanted it to have the power to transport them to an easier time — a place that sparked joy — whenever and wherever that might be. To speak to this inspiration, we paired a timeless, laid-back vibe with bold, vintage typefaces and contrasting yet complimentary color palettes. We landed on an identity that embodies a classic, mid-century vibe and creates a world full of chill, subdued colors.

Half Past Seltzer Branding Poster
Half Past Hard Seltzer Logos and Branding Options
Example of The Fours Flavor Icons Made For Half Past Hard Seltzer
Half Past Hard Seltzer Illustration of stacked cocktails
Four Half Past Hard Seltzer Illustrated Stylized Can Icons for Each Flavor
Four Shirt Merchandise Design Mockups with Each Shirt Featuring One of The Four Half Past Hard Seltzer Flavors
Two Match Book Branding Mocks for Half Past Hard Seltzer
Four Tote Bag Merchandise Design Mockups with Each Tote Featuring One of The Four Half Past Hard Seltzer Flavors
Yellow Half Past Branding Poster
Half Past Hard Seltzer Can Poster of Spicy Lime Flavor

Packaging that Stands Apart

The cans and the boxes are the face of Half Past. They’re an aspect of the brand that you see in a grocery store’s fridge or in someone’s hand. We knew that these elements needed to be provocative. As we designed the packaging, we were mindful of how we could cohesively extend the brand identity in a way that hit the right note — a note that was both premium and accessible.

Diagram of a Half Past Hard Seltzer Can with Explanation of All Can Branding Elements
Two Half Past Hard Seltzer Branding Posters of Pineapple Close Can

The can can do it all

For the cans, we wanted to draw the eye to the Half Past logo. Therefore, we focused on how the contrast between the background colors accentuated the logo banner and created a natural hierarchy. We were also intentional about the slant between the two background colors; a seemingly simple design element that adds a little edge, (no pun intended).

Four 2D Half Past Hard Seltzer Can Koozie Mockups for Each Flavor
Half Past Hard Seltzer Branding Poster of The Grapefruit with Rosemary Can Flavor

The box that can be seen across the aisle

Whenever a Half Past can is in someone’s hand, it’s because they’ve already chosen it over the competition. The box, however, sits among other hard-seltzer boxes in the grocery store. That means, it must stand out to the casual passerby or, even better, a seltzer-lover. We incorporated the brand colors and elements into the packaging in a way that feels balanced and modern, so that Half Past could stand apart. Often, hard-seltzer branding is busy; our goal was to make things easy for our audience by cutting out all the noise and leveraging Half Past as what it is: the only right choice.

Four Photos of Each Flavor of Half Past Hard Seltzer Cases of Cans

Photography to transport you to anywhere, anytime

Half Past can be enjoyed whenever, wherever, and by whoever, (as long as they’re over 21 winking face). Our photography needed to encapsulate the easygoing Half Past attitude, enhance the website, and work for social content. To make it versatile, we focused on lifestyle photography that expresses an effortless, playful spirit. We placed each flavor in a different setting, wherein we utilized brand colors and props that spoke to the emotional experience of drinking Half Past. Through this, we were able to capture crisp images that place the audience in the Half Past worldand hopefully make them feel like they can kick back with a can.

Lifestyle Photo of Spicy Lime Flavored Half Past Hard Seltzer in a Cooler of Ice
Lifestyle Photo of Pineapple with Clove Flavor Half Past Seltzer Can with ice, cocktail umbrella, and pearls
Lifestyle Photo of Grapefruit with Rosemary Flavor Half Past Hard Seltzer Can on a picnic blanket
Lifestyle Photo of Ginger with Turmeric Flavored Half Past Hard Seltzer Can on a Table with a Candle and Bandana

A Website that is also a home

To fully realize and establish Half Past, we created the website to be a home for the brand identity. On the website, every piece of the brand comes together to create an experience. Using Shopify, we built the website from the ground-up to ensure a scalable DtC future. We weren’t afraid to experiment as we expanded Half Past’s identity across the website design. The color palette, brand assets, photography, subtle animations, and interactive elements were all developed and incorporated into the site to help users feel as though they stepped into a different world, and one that’s unmistakably Half Past.

Three Mockup Pages of Drink Half Past Website

Copy that’s more than just words

Half Past wanted to embody the concept of the invitation and remind their patrons that an amazing, premium hard seltzer can help you make the most of your moment. However, they also wanted to show the complexities of their craft through fun tidbits on their product pages that could give customers a glance into what it took (and takes) to create their products. Through several different styles of copywriting, we were able to show the world everything from the uncomplicated joy they want to instill within their seltzers, to the sneaky double-entendres interwoven that hint at some of their production secrets. The ultimate voice was a character relatable and fun, that doesn’t give too much away from the get go but will happily dish if you continue to pry.

Example of Copy Written for Drink Half Past Website