Turning Toilet Paper into Home Decor

No. 2 came to us with a cool concept, but needed the expertise of Certified Shopify Experts to help it come to life. The idea was to marry the loud prints of La Double J with a sustainable bamboo toilet paper, which customers could purchase as a subscription. That naturally led to the questions: what do we call it, what does it look like, and what is the brand voice? Our design and web experts swiftly got to work, to find answers to all of these questions (and more).

Making “No. 2” Number One

When working with No. 2, our objective was to reinvent the perception of toilet paper. The name, “No. 2,” is an homage to the bold, cheeky nature of the founder, Samira. This sense of humor, paired with an irreverent, bathroom-inspired tone, led to a cheeky brand voice, quirky illustrations, and a vibrant palette. Despite the joy innate to the brand, we still had to circle back to one of the most important brand values: sustainability. When the design process came to a close, our branding experts had created a chic, retro, and playful aesthetic. Complete with textile and print-inspired branding and packaging, No. 2 is a one-of-a-kind toilet-paper brand that truly elevates any bathroom to a throne room.

Because Even Toilet Paper Can Look Cute

The packaging for No. 2 is the essence of the brand. The bold prints are integral to the brand’s playful and straightforward ethos. When we began brainstorming design options, we cast a wide net, pulling everything from vintage Italian designs to 90s hip-hop, before we were able to capture just the perfect vibe.

Product Photography

Let the product do the talking

As mentioned, the packaging design for No. 2 is an integral aspect of what makes them… well, them. Our photographers kept this in mind when they opted for a simple background and limited props. This, in turn, highlighted the patterns on the rolls, striking a nice balance with design elements on the website.


Roll That Beautiful Beard Footage

No. 2 makes light of unspoken bathroom rituals, and we wanted to capture this when we began producing brand videos. Our team came up with a concept for the main intro, which borrowed from the gimmicky techniques seen in 90s infomercials. We then put the brand’s quirky, self-aware twist on the footage, with inspiration taken from Wes Anderson’s playful and informative aesthetic.

Website Design & Development

The art of converting scrolls to rolls

Our Shopify Specialists built a custom ecommerce solution that underscores key brand elements. When browsing the site, users are greeted with cute gifs, product videos, and an image of unraveled toilet paper that guides them down the homepage. Our developers also implemented a quiz, so the brand could further interact with users and help them navigate a new paradigm: calculating how much toilet paper they’ll need on a subscription basis. Each of these details engages the customer, helping increase page view time and, even more importantly, conversions.