Intro: An Online Hub for Skrillex

Artist to Artist

When Skrillex came to us for a new website, he had a vision that blended the nerd-core elements of early internet aesthetics with modern web functionality. Given these parameters, we designed a website that melded the best of both worlds, creating a fun, friendly hub for all things Skrillex.

Website Design & Development

The Tumblr kid of websites

The Skrillex website merges the aesthetics and nostalgia of Web 1.0 with modern web practices on a completely custom Tumblr theme. The Tour Photos section utilizes a custom WordPress theme, also designed by Manufactur.

Album Art

Putting a face to the sound

Whenever we design album art, we’re truly in our element, and as a group of electromusicphiles, (yes, we made up that term) designing these album covers couldn’t have been more in our lane. We incorporated symbols from OWSLA’s logo into a minimal layout that captures a futuristic, inclusive feel. 


Welcome to the OWSLA Community

We were proud to help grow the Skrillex community through our work on several microsites for artists on OWSLA’s label. We collaborated with Skrillex’s team to create online spaces that integrate themes and elements from the individual artists into flawless UX design. 

Digital Content

The Bass Drop of Promo Material

Branding for electronic music has a rich history of being both edgy and eye-catching. When creating content for Skrillex, we kept this in mind so that we could make innovative promo material that would distinguish Skrillex as a leading-edge artist. We used retro-wave and space inspired visuals to enhance our design foundations and achieve a look that was exciting and captivating.

skrillex glasses
skrillex glasses 2