Sunday Goods is one of the largest dispensaries in Arizona, and they specialize in cannabis products for a personalized, feel-good experience. Over the years, they’ve amassed a following that has made them instantly recognizable in the Phoenix community. They needed a narrative-driven, custom WordPress site that would scale with their growth, and our design & web experts embraced the challenge. With day and night modes, animations, illustrative icons, mood filters, and more, our team had a blast collaborating with this dreamy cannabis company.

The Milky Way Meets the Desert

We designed a custom WordPress site that would highlight the Sunday Goods personality in-line with their products, and then allow people to easily order from their dispensaries. For a truly customized experience, customers can filter products by format, activity, strain, and mood,

We wanted to merge two aspects of the brand personality in the design: Sunday Goods’ physical location (in the desert) and it’s dreamy, in-the-clouds character. Our color palettes were inspired by the Sunday Goods stores themselves, the Northern Lights, sand, sunsets, and cacti, with deep purples, golds, blues, greens, and browns. Their logo inspired the iconography, which is minimal, illustrative, and geometric.

A Site that Knows What Time it is

Sunday Goods’ products are made to accompany you at any time of day, and this easygoing attitude is a big part of the brand. We added these traits to the site by designing a day-to-night animation. We also added more responsive animations above the footer, so that text and stars move and blink as you scroll.