A Visual Identity for a Virtual Company

The Third Floor is a Los Angeles-based previsualization, postvisualization, and virtual reality company, who’ve worked on projects ranging from The Mandlorian to It, Spiderman, and more. As fans of their work, we were elated when they reached out for assistance with their rebranding. From strategy to the final logo, our branding experts rose to this super fun challenge to create a brand identity as strong as this company’s work.

The Evolution

The Third Floor has been around for 15 years, which means they came to us with a pre-established brand identity and branding. Our job was to take these preexisting elements and morph them into something new, which felt loyal to their identity but reflected the brand’s growth over time.

Gradient Creation

With so much content coming out of The Third Floor studios, they needed a series of gradients and brand colors to accompany their logos, decks, reports, and more. We came up with a series of gradients and color combinations to compliment the Third Floor Aesthetic, complete with guides for internal use!


Our branding experts went above and beyond for The Third Floor logo and typography, creating custom fonts that allow TTF to stand out. The typography is modern but flexible and has an animated quality that reflects what TTF does. Outside of the logo and custom typefaces, we had a great time sourcing fun and modern typefaces for TTF’s printed materials.

Beyond the Digital

The collateral we designed for The Third Floor combined all the individual elements we had worked on for their company, along with some innovative, merch-specific ideas. Whether TTF is pitching their work or showing it off, it’s always so cool to see our work in action.