Zellee: The Shopify Experience Reimagined

Zellee makes organic, plant-based fruit jels for those of us that want a healthy alternative to gelatin snacks. When they reached out for help with their website, we knew a custom Shopify was the way to go. Equipped with bright colors and some rather brilliant coders, we designed a custom Shopify for Zellee with easy navigation, consumer-friendly pages, and subscription services for their jels.

The Homepage

To help them tell their story, Zellee’s homepage was designed as an endless scroll with a clean look. As users peruse, they can dive further into the brand and the specifics of their products. At the same time, the shop is always an accessible click away. With quirky yet clear content sections, Zellee’s website creates an immersive world that isn’t overcrowded.

Visualizing A Multigenerational Snack

Zellee’s origins – which can be traced all the way back to 1976 – are central to their brand identity. To showcase their evolution, we created an interactive, story-driven timeline for Zellee’s website. Paired with photos and fun facts, the brand comes to life as you scroll. This unique lens was applied to their product pages, as well, to create a cohesive, joyful narrative that makes it fun to shop.

A Jel You Can Subscribe To

Zellee’s product pages were designed so that everything is right at the customer’s fingertips. This include a comprehensive FAQ section, straightforward and convenient subscription services, and handy nutrition facts.

On the Little Screen

Our custom Shopify buildout for Zellee included cross-platform optimization. Regardless of the user’s device, Zellee’s site reflects the lively, quirky spirit of the brand. With entertaining animations and interactive ways to learn more, it’s easy to get the gist of this jel on any screen.

Describing a Snack that’s Fruitfully Fun

The copywriting process is about getting to the point, but in a way that acknowledges a brand’s audience and reflects their personality. Our copy for Zellee, whether it was describing their flavors or talking about their origin story, was instilled with a fun, light tone that any age group could connect with. We also made sure to boil down some of the more complicated concepts — like why organic ingredients are such a game changer, and how they’ve taken an oath to environmental responsibility — to a few and short punchy lines with no shortage of character. This allows readers to get the gist in a matter of seconds, so that they can move on to the good stuff: subscribing to a monthly delivery of fruity, jelly goodness!

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