Best juice in the Big Apple

OM is on a mission to make the best organic, vegan-friendly juice and smoothies available fast and conveniently in Manhattan–with style! Sustainability and accountability shaped every piece of the branding and identity for this project, from a returnable/reusable juice bottle design to the vibrant Midtown storefront.

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Branding & Identity

The brand reflects a clean, retro, and playful vibe, helping make the space feel like an urban oasis–a splash of sunshine even when it’s grey out.


A brand experience with a thoughtful life cycle

We paid special attention to Om’s brand experience and designed the various pieces of collateral using variations of the logo, fruit sketches, and brand colors with an understanding of how brand elements can exist inside homes, Instagram, on the streets, and beyond. We also recognized and shared the founder’s values in sustainability, we worked closely with her to source eco-friendly materials and made sure this sentiment resonated through all of the packaging.

Website Design & Development

Pretty, functional

The branding choices we made for Om carry through to the website, where clean and simple designs are accented by pops of color, fruit, and high-quality product photography. We built this website from the ground up using Webflow because of its ability to drastically expedite development time while maintaining high-level design and a seamless CMS and ecommerce capabilities.

Interior Branding

Welcome OM

The founder envisioned the storefront as a fusion of modern Berlin-inspired design paired with vibrant color schemes. We helped materialize this vision through a distinct yellow brand color, print patterns that utilize the logo, and clever window/mirror stickers that work to make Om Juice Bar stand out in the Midtown Manhattan neighborhood and invite in both aspiring and established juice lovers.