From Tokyo to Soho (and beyond)

In summer 2019, the beloved Japanese soufflé pancakes brand, Flipper’s, approached us to help them update their concept for a location in competitive NYC. Naturally, we flipped – in a good way! With a tight timeline, our branding experts quickly identified our main challenge: how to sprinkle in traditional Japanese design elements, while also incorporating contemporary elements that would allow the restaurant to fit nicely in downtown NYC.

We helped a global brand tap into local vibes

Our main objective was (and still is) to position Flipper’s as a contemporary pancake hub with a unique, local flare. For this first location, we took inspiration from classic SoHo urban renewal with elements of Scandinavian mid-century modern. These elements fit the already beautiful bones of their enviable West Broadway location. The brand came to life through custom wallpaper, clever slogans, and playful illustrations, all inspired by the historic neighborhood and the city at large.


A Cup Isn’t Just a Cup

We designed and printed all marketing material (including menus) with the customer in mind. How will the cups look walking down the street in the hand of a New Yorker? How will they feel when their friend brings a Flipper’s box home? How can we create and cultivate little, memorable moments, that keep the customer coming back for more?

We had this same approach to the interior, making sure that feeling remained cohesive with the visual identity. Each material showcases our expertise in design, and was deeply informed by the brand perimeters that we set in place.

Japanese roots with an NYC feel

Interior branding is a subtle art, and at its center is authenticity. When making design decisions pertaining to the space, we looked to the brand and its goals. Getting to know the owners and their Japanese team was also critical, as a little piece of the client should always be woven into the fabric of a project like this. The end result was a warm and inviting space, which matches the energy of an extremely friendly (yet surgically precise) team.