A coding bootcamp made for all

We are always thrilled to brush shoulders with our fellow NC peers and we couldn’t think of a better partner than Momentum Learning for us to embark on our NC portfolio and position ourselves in the RTP startup ecosystem. We collaborated with Momentum in branding and on a new website that would encourage student enrollment and engage with the coders of the future!

Branding & Identity

Often times, you’re the one inspiring us

Our main objective behind Momentum’s branding and identity was to inspire learning for the coders of tomorrow. This directed us into experimenting with elements like arrows and the forms of a rainbow or a ripple effect, all of which spark feelings of innovation and education. We brought forth a cool color palette that is accented by bright oranges and yellows to define an identity that’s both minimal and uplifting.

Website Design & Development

We make websites for you to accomplish your goals

We were so stoked to work with Momentum Learning to design and build a website that would inspire future students. Our shared goal was to design a website with deliberately placed CTAs that would guide users into applying to be students. We’re also proud to say that the project came full circle when one of our developers, who had graduated from Momentum months prior, had a hand in coding this website.


Where your brand can take on new forms

There is always a desire to show school spirit, even for coders! We were happy to design t-shirts, stickers, business cards, and style guides for Momentum. We love when our branding decisions come to life through colorful stickers that one might see stuck to laptops in cafes or through t-shirts worn by proud students and alumni.