Branding a High-End Hong Kong Dining Experience

La Rambla by Catalunya is bringing Catalan cuisine to the heart of Hong Kong (yum). Before opening their doors, our friends at La Rambla reached out to us for help creating a visual identity that was unique and elevated. Drawing from a range of inspirations including organic shapes, classic Barcelona design, and even modern architecture, we created a unique aesthetic that says, “come on in and enjoy” in a sophisticated yet understated way.


A Vibe at the Intersection of Classic and Modern

For La Rambla’s logos, icons, and accompanying imagery, we chose to reflect the essence of what they’re doing: bringing traditional Catalan fare to the masses–but with an original, contemporary twist. For their primary logo, we paired a bold typeface that makes a statement with hand drawn illustrations of trees and leaves. The ultimate creation was an eye-catching, immersive aesthetic that feels accessible, modern, and luxurious, all at the same time.


The Physical Aspect of the Dining Experience

We made sure that every item on (and off) the table becomes part of the La Rambla experience. Accordingly, we transformed some items that can be plain as day – like coasters, business cards, and menu jackets – into beautiful design elements that enhance the customer experience. Paired with well thought out merchandise that reinvisions their logo in a fashionable form, diners can show their support (and look good doin’ it).

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