Eye candy comes in all different shapes and sizes

Smashmallow is a better-for-you marshmallow company that prides itself on an “Adult Candyland” aesthetic and original flavors that are equal parts innovative and nostalgic. We built their custom, award-winning Shopify store from the ground up, incorporating their fun branding and animations to create an immersive brand experience. We have an ongoing relationship with the brand creating content and making feature updates to the store.

Discovery & Strategy

Read the room

We got to know Smashmallow a little better by understanding their position within the healthy snack market. After thorough research of consumer and digital trends, we put together user personas that reflected our data from the trendy blogger to the health guru. When we designed the sitemaps, we kept the health-conscious audience in mind, putting ourselves in the shoes of their user journey.

Website Design & Development

When a website becomes its own world

Our collaborative goal with Smashmallow was to create a Shopify site that felt like stepping into a carnival. To build this Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory of websites, we worked with the many brand illustrations and assets to arrange them in a way that doesn’t feel busy but instead feels whimsical and innovative. The user opens the homepage to be greeted by the subtle animations that adorn the hero and then scroll down to vignettes of products that each feel like their own world. We worked closely with each of these elements to keep the site cohesive and engaging across all platforms. Welcome to the Smashmallow world.