Good vibrations

Tapping into a trend controversially kicked off by Goop, Hone brings the science of healing frequencies to a wearable patch that you can take anywhere. Our main objective was to position Hone as a premium wellness brand by avoiding the touchy-feely alternative medicine space. This guided us towards minimal and elegant branding that is carefully incorporated in every facet of this project, from product packaging to website design.

Branding & Identity

Brand immersion

After trying the products ourselves in-office, we were convinced that there was more to these things than what met the eye. We realized that one of the biggest potential hurdles we needed to overcome was consumer skepticism. We tackled this challenge by leaning on the technology behind the product to convey trust. Our technology-first approach is evident through all of the branding and labeling decisions. They influenced everything including naming the product, the voice/tone guide, and the overall identity that distinguishes Hone as chic, modern, and approachable.


Packaging the story

The packaging process was a collaborative effort between almost every team at Manufactur. Our designers went through various rounds of design until each piece was cohesive with each other and with our branding guidelines. Our copywriters then worked closely with the design team to understand how the words and the design worked together so the packaging would not only contain the sticker but tell a story during the unboxing experience. Throughout the print process, our project managers paid special attention to color, space, lettering, and materials, working closely with the client and printers to ensure everything was just right.

Website Design & Development

Modern ecomm with Shopify

The technology-driven inspiration behind our branding decisions helped set the stage for the website design. We wanted to cultivate a user experience similar to the feeling one gets when walking into an Apple store. We used Shopify to achieve a futurist and minimal vibe so that the crisp product photography and videos could serve as the focal point on all the web pages and encourage sales.