Working with Manufactur was a great experience. I love how the packaging designs turned out. They were able to provide multiple unique creative options and were really collaborative working with me to create the finished product. They truly felt like a partner in the process and am happy to have worked with them.

Alec Jaffe

Alec’s Ice Cream

Core Branding for Alec’s, the Ice Cream You Deserve

“Next level creamy,” Alec’s Ice Cream boasts, and they aren’t kidding. So, when they reached out to us to design their logo and pint designs, we stepped in with next level branding. With a focus on their brand story and ingredients, we created a fun, versatile logo that’s also a bit reminiscent of those on vintage ice cream trucks. After all, Alec’s is here to remind you that ice cream can be just as good as it was when you were a kid, (and healthier, too).

Design: The Perfect Pattern for the Perfect Pint

Alec’s products come from a craft mindset. With organic ingredients and locally-sourced dairy, we wanted to come up with branding and prints that really show the (lucky) eater what they’re about to experience. While creating these patterns, we were particularly inspired by wallpapers, botany, and vintage décor.

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