Web, Packaging, Identity, and Design for a Clean-Pressed™ Smoothie

Phyll created a new smoothie technology, which allows their smoothies to stay delicious and fresh outside the fridge. They approached us to help educate their audience, and through packaging, photography, web, copwriting, and design, our branding experts embraced the challenge.

We Phyll’d it Up

Phyll’s personality is bold and bright. Their website had to be just as eye-catching, As you scroll through the Phyll site, not only is the experience optimized for customers — it’s also super responsive. Each scroll triggers a new response, from animated text, to images, and more.

We made it incredibly simple to add any and every Phyll product to cart regardless of where you are in the user journey, and even made it easy to subscribe to deliveries!

Bottled & Snapped

Phyll came to us with some pre-existing brand elements, and we built upon them to create their recyclable packaging. We chose bright colors for the fruity flavors, and a darker palette for the more indulgent one.

When it came time to photograph the Phyll bottles, our crew got really hands-on in our LA office, finding fun 3D models to incorporate and real fruits and veggies!

Getting Social

We’ve been working continuously with Phyll to create assets for their social media, complete with on-post copy and captions from our copywriting team! Each post our design experts create is a chance to see our brand guide, photography, and packaging design in action. We’re looking forward to our future work with Phyll — they always have something cool for us to dig into.