An Entire Universe for Bored Cow’s Animal-Free Dairy Milk

Yes, you read that right. Bored Cow creates three delicious flavors of animal-free dairy milk, made by microflora instead of cows. The end result is a more planet-friendly, animal-friendly milk, with the same vitamins, nutrients, and flavor as milk from a cow! Our role was to help Bored Cow create their brand universe, from the name of the milk itself, to the packaging (and the cow characters on it). This super unique, collaborative project has been one of the most fun to date!

Photography by STUDIO+COMMERCE

Illustrating the Bored Cow World into Existence

To fully flesh out the playful, character, and narrative-centric world that is Bored Cow, our branding and strategy experts teamed up with illustrator Kati Perez. First, however, our copywriting team collaborated with the Bored Cow crew to create a set of cow characters to base the larger world (and illustrations) upon. Katie’s final work is minimal, bright, and very distinct. There’s a sense of nostalgia present, but also a futuristic, planet-friendly vibe.

Packaging an Animal-Free Dairy Milk

Bored Cow is unlike any other milk on the market. Therefore, our branding and copywriting team had a fun challenge ahead when it came to CPG packaging! Each flavor embodies its character, from the color palette to the illustrations. While a lot had to be communicated on the cartons, we still made sure to keep the design clean, minimal, and kid-friendly.

Let’s Wrap it Up

As we continue to work with Bored Cow, we’ll have even more work to show. From naming, to branding, packaging, social media mocks, and more, every member of our team has truly enjoyed working on a product that contains so much hope. Some parting content we worked on for Bored Cow: