The Pizza Cupcake 2.0

Pizza Cupcake appeared on TV’s everywhere with their successful pitch on Shark Tank, and they needed a website re-vamp to further establish their brand identity and accommodate their newfound growth. Our team couldn’t wait to help! We stepped in with strategy, an intuitive e-commerce platform, and an interactive web design full of bright colors and animations that would scale with the rapidly growing snack brand.

A Cutting-Edge Web Experience

We wanted to create a truly seamless experience for consumer with the Pizza Cupcake site. To make this happen, we factored a few primary features into our web design: a checkout experience with as few steps as possible, video-blocks to help tell the brand story and provide context about the product, and ways to easily find the product in-store. To top it off, we created lots of animations and micro-interactions to help bring the brand to life.

A Customizable Box of Pizza Treats

To fully embrace the personality of the brand, we had to think like pizza lovers, (which thankfully, we are). We built a site that felt similar to building out a pizza box, a fun Easter egg to make the whole site more interactive. Our team also found creative solutions to Pizza Cupcake’s unique ordering requirements. Since they have a frozen product that requires a specific kind of shipping and care, it was important for us to make this system easy for the consumer to understand, and easy for Pizza Cupcake to apply to future products.

The Pizza Cupcake World

Pizza Cupcake is a brand with an expansive origin story, from their successful debut at Shark Tank to their current domination at grocery stores worldwide. For those who are new to the brand, we retold this story in subtle ways: clips from Shark Tank, images of the cupcake mascot, and the incorporation of fun and quirky pre-existing brand elements.