The world is no fun without some Loco

Loco Coco is a vegan superfood smoothie and smoothie bowl brand that prides itself on serving the most delicious, highest quality smoothies in the NYC game! Through innovative ingredients and a fierce commitment to sustainability, it was crucial that Loco Coco’s branding would speak to their hip, forward-thinking audience and Manufactur was thrilled to be the agency partner that helped them find their voice.

Branding & Identity

Unmistakable branding that helps you stand apart

Our branding objective was to find a way to help Loco Coco stand out from other brands in their competitive landscape and we needed to look no further than the brand itself. Loco Coco sources ingredients from different cultures around the world such as Brazil, the Caribbean, Australia, and California which inspired a vibrant tropical-modern theme that pays ode to these cultures and engages with their audience of students and young professionals in NYC.


The Andy Warhol of cups

Through our data-informed branding strategy, we knew who would be the first in line for their vegan smoothie-bowl, and we knew they wouldn’t only eat every last ingredient but that they would post it on Instagram before even getting started. We designed cups, bowls, and eating utensils with a keen awareness of the brand experience. The neon-pink logo printed on cups, spoons, etc. is what draws the eye in and makes for an emblematic logo mark across all platforms.