A message in a bottle, and a delicious tea

Enroot is a mission-driven organic tea brand with a vision to support women’s leadership through every bottle. Crafted with the James Beard Foundation, their goal is to educate people on where their food comes from while elevating the status of food producers. These visionaries needed a site that was as elevated and forward-thinking as their product. We opted for a combination of Shopify, Contentful, and ReactJS to make one of the most beautiful and cutting-edge ecommerce builds we’ve ever done.

Website Design & Development

From leaf to bottle to web

To help Enroot grow their small, family-rooted business we collaborated with them to design and develop a website from the ground up. Through our proficiency in Shopify and expertise in SEO, our web team created a warm and inviting space for new users to explore their remarkable story and shop mission-driven tea unlike any other.