A Site for Salted Egg Lovers Worldwide

IRVINS Salted Egg Chips are a Singaporean staple. This dangerously addictive snack brand is one of the leading brands in its home country, and is even a household name within Eastern Asia. Recently, they set a goal to expand beyond their home continent and into international markets, including the US market. That’s why the came to us! Our goal was to assist them in their website redesign, so that they could better speak to their US audience and broaden their American footprint.

Approaching International Expansion from a Web Perspective

First, we did the research. From a strategic viewpoint, we tapped into the habits of the online shopper to figure out ways that we could make these habits benefit IRVINS’ sales. The first step was to create a website that would increase their brand visibility. It was important that this website have a personalized feel, through incorporating bundle builders, gamification, and easy-to-use subscriptions. Once complete, we were proud to build the only salted egg chip website with these types of cutting-edge features!