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Cha Cha Matcha


The matcha that loves you back

For Cha Cha Matcha, we helped take a solid idea from concept to successful brand in one of the most challenging and competitive markets in the world: NYC. We accomplished this by creating a brand space exclusive to Cha Cha Matcha that broke matcha out of its traditional Japanese box, drawing influence from South American jazz album covers and minimalist Scandinavian design.

Branding & Identity

We broke Cha Cha Matcha out of the branding standards set by their industry for the better

After our initial research and a lot of experimentation, we developed a unique brand logo that wouldn’t look out of a place on a vinyl record. We extrapolated these branding decisions into the interior through a collaboration with the Cha Cha founders to create an immersive brand experience that has taken over Instagram.

Logo Experimentation

Another man’s treasure

We flirted with several directions before landing on the one that we’re all so familiar with today.

We experimented with stamp-like textures and brush strokes as well as typefaces that are reminiscent of Salsa and the art-deco movement. Even though these didn’t all make the cut they still invite you into our creative headspace and process.


A little jazz

These custom illustrations are playful with a slightly Cubist vibe, combining scenes of NYC and the tropics through a vintage Latin design lens.


From brand to icon

This is the true synthesis of all of our branding elements, here we see the playful custom illustrations complement the mark, telling more of the brand story. Our goal in the collateral was to speak to the hip, informed matcha drinker without alienating the casual dabbler and newcomer. We wanted to create cups for the NYC tastemakers to flaunt on fashion week and for the matcha first-timers who would be excited to post it on their Instagram and for everyone in between.