A Clothing Brand to Relax In

NYC leisure brand Brunch needed a logo, branding, photography, and collateral that fit their any-moment-can-be-brunch mentality. In collaboration with the founders of this relaxed fashion house, our branding and photo experts began fleshing out the brand universe.

A Logo to Reflect a Simpler Time

For the logo, our designers pulled inspiration from several eras, locations, and feelings. These included famous hotels and motels, beach-centric locations like Miami, and 70s design elements. The final logos reflected the luxurious yet laid-back essence of the brand. For the brand colors, we pulled contrasting colors that pop, but that are a more muted and modern than a primary color palette. For collateral, each piece reflects the slightly vintage, slightly modern personality of the brand, while still playing ode to the cheeky nature of making luxury clothes just to drink some mimosas in.

A Photo that Looks Good Enough to Eat

The essence of the Brunch brand is, quite literally, the vibe of the brunch. When it came time to photograph Brunch’s line, we wanted to place these luxurious designs within the context of where they would be worn. We had a great time creating fun placements of slippers, robes, and more alongside delicious brunch foods.

From Branding and Photography to an Online Presence

We created an effective, easy-to-use web template for Brunch so that, when the time came, they could easily share and sell their products with the world!