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Manufactur is a creative agency that offers unique design solutions including web development, branding, identity, marketing, strategy, and content.


While every branding project is truly unique, we have discovered a secret sauce which we enthusiastically apply to each one. This “secret sauce” becomes less of a secret once you work with us and experience the collaboration at every step of your project. We apply data-informed brand strategy, a smattering of creativity, and an immersed understanding of your ultimate vision to ensure that everything we make is an extension of your brand.

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We are proud to be Shopify experts. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re growing an existing ecommerce presence, we can help you. If you want an online store as unique as your brand, you’re in good hands. We prefer to build everything from the ground up.

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We’re strategy and positioning gurus, which also means we’re detectives. We’ll work to uncover the true identity of your brand and where that places it within both your industry and peer group. We recognize that building a solid strategy requires a deep understanding of your brand, your specific vertical, and your goals. From here, we reference the data and strategy when making recommendations for every facet of your brand.


We understand the importance of having a website that embodies your brand and successfully engages with users. With years of web experience under our belt, we’re confident in our ability to build a website that will fit both your needs and those of your target audience, whether your goal is to share your blog with the world or to open the doors of your ecommerce shop.

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Interior Branding

This is where your customers will step into your brand’s universe and we’re here to help you set the moon and the stars. To create a fully immersive brand experience, we work with you every step of the way, from 3D renders to material sourcing to those little details people can’t resist Instagramming.


In creating any sort of marketing material, we keep the values of the brand in mind. Some questions we ask ourselves are: How will a printed cup look when a photo of it is posted on someone’s timeline? How will a t-shirt represent the brand? Will the menu read better if the price is below a menu item, or beside? After tackling these questions with informed design solutions, we work with you to source all the materials, keeping the most cost-effective and eco-friendly options in mind.

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Whenever we design collateral, we understand the impact that our decisions in material sourcing can have on the well-being of our planet. This is why we’re honored to have the opportunity to build cleaner brands for a more sustainable future. We will work closely with you to source all the materials, making sure we find the most cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions. We believe that given the choice, consumers will go with the brand that offers high-quality products that prioritize the environment over those that do not.