Every Car Has a History

AutoBio is building a community around the belief that every car has a story to tell. Through their ingenious tagging system, car collectors, museums, and garages around the world can share their auto’s biography in the form of a QR code — and it doesn’t end there. When they approached us for help with a core brand identity, an e-commerce platform, and a virtual archive for all of their tagged cars, we were thrilled to jump in.

A Community of Car Enthusiasts

It’s no surprise that we looked towards classic automobile designs and elements of racing culture when crafting the AutoBio logo.

Communicating Car Culture

AutoBio is more than just a cool tagging system, it’s an entire community of avid car enthusiasts perusing profiles online and building virtual collections. We made sure AutoBio’s customized website functioned as both a retail platform and a cool place to hang out, look at one-of-a-kind cars, and even make a friend.