A Unique Plant-Based Milk in a Surging Market

The plant-based milk sector grew by 27% in the last two years, and plant-based milks are actually the fastest-growing products in the plant-based sector. Despite this growth, the founders at Kiki Milk noticed a gap in the plant-based milk market: one that’s just for kids, and is as delicious as it is nutritious! Their team approached us to make their vision of a fun, story-based, and educational online shop come to life. Through the web design process, we made sure to help them stand out as the go-to sustainable, plant-based milk, made for kids and enjoyed by all!

An Interactive & Story-Based Strategy

Since Kiki Milk is unlike any other plant-based milk on the market, the website needed to have several educational components, including pages that explored Kiki Milk’s environmental impact to their carefully-chosen ingredients. This design was intended to do more than just convert, but also inspire engagement that could easily scale with Kiki’s projected growth. In creating a custom,  immersive ecommerce experience, we helped Kiki Milk achieve and maintain above-average conversions.

Manufactur is one of those rare left brain – right brain partners. They deeply understand tech, UX and data, and are equally adept with art, brand, and style. When the two come together, beautiful things happen. It certainly did for Kiki Milk. I can’t thank Manufactur enough!

Alex Abelin, Co-founder & Co, CEO

Welcome to the Kiki World

Our objective was to build a world that appealed to both children and parents. We brought Kiki Milk’s preexisting brand elements to life through micro-interactions and animations, creating a web journey that felt similar to stepping foot onto a child-like, nature-oriented fantasy. 

kiki milk_web design

A Site to Explore

Each page of the website is designed to help parents and kids dive into ingredients, sustainability factors, and more. This is done in a way that’s simple and engaging, making it fun for kids and straightforward for parents. 

Building the Kiki Community

For a new website and brand, it’s crucial to build trust and cultivate a community! We built a web strategy and site to help Kiki Milk engage (and convert) their target audience, with integrated apps to highlight user-generated content like social media features and customer reviews. We also included a versatile subscription plan and cart upsell features to further encourage customers to try Kiki’s delicious plant-based milks.  The site was recently featured on Design Rush’s list of Best Food & Drink websites

The Complexities of Kid-Friendly Copy

Talking about complicated concepts like regenerative agriculture and greenhouse gas emissions isn’t always easy, and boiling those concepts down to kid-friendly nuggets is sometimes an even bigger challenge. Our copywriting team was stoked to collaborate with Kiki Milk on web copy, to make sure their primary messages were simply communicated. Through fun “Did you know?” sections and creative ways to display facts, we helped Kiki Milk show the world why they’re so dang cool.

kiki milk_web design