Real Snacks

Real Snacks brings clean, packaged meats to the masses, and they reached out for help with their brand identity, photography, and Ecommerce. Through our collaborative process, we designed logos, packaging, and a custom Shopify to help Real showcase their delicious snacks.

Real Snacks: The Identity

Real’s logo and packaging icons needed to be big, bold, and make a statement. Accordingly, we chose a clean and resolute typeface for their logo that gets right to the point: these snacks are really real. But, we didn’t stop there. We created a series of nutritional icons that don’t just look good, but relay why Real’s the best choice.

Unique Packaging for Unique Snacks

With jerky this good, it’s no surprise that each flavor has its own personality. To highlight this, we used unique typefaces, color palettes, and custom patterns for each flavor of jerky.

Thinking Outside of the Packaging

The carton design for Real is multipurpose, so it can fit all the different homes jerky might have. We designed a convertible, box-to-display packaging fit for kitchen counters, grocery aisles, bulk orders, or car rides with friends.

The Photography

When capturing Real’s jerky on camera, we showed the world what makes them maestros of meat: the fresh, nitrate-free ingredients that are the bedrock of their products. From a distance, it’s easy to tell what Real’s all about — and exactly what ingredients are used to spruce up their jerky.

A Custom Shopify

We optimized the custom Shopify for Real Snacks to have easy, good lookin’, cross-platform navigation and a whole lot of personality. If you’re hungry for some Real, it doesn’t matter if you’re on a smartphone, iPad, computer, or even streaming to your TV. We (and they) have got you.

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