Getting Excited About Work

Prospr is a super cool technology that helps teams streamline everything from scheduling to communication, operations, and more. They wanted to revamp their visual identity, and came to us for help with strategy, updated branding, and a brand new website. We took inspiration from heavier, contrasting designs and paired it with vibrant colors with lots of energy, which we captured in the web experience for a fully cohesive brand universe.

Dare to be Bold

Our typefaces, icons, and logo revamp for Prospr were designed to bring the fun back to the workplace. We took inspiration from classic poster designs and works of both modern and pop art. For icons, we stuck to simple illustrations that are reminiscent of emojis, with bold outlines and solid colors. Each emoji reflects an element of what Prospr does: communicate, operate, and schedule.

A Website that Gets the Job Done

Our website for Prospr is built to get people excited about the product on any device, complete with floating animations, an easy-to-use contact form, and case studies where consumers can explore product benefits. Every page was designed to marry functionality with aesthetics.