Strategy, Web, Naming and Copy for the Food of the Future

The brilliant minds at Liina are taking on of nature’s most magical superfoods, spirulina, to create a series of delicious food supplements. Their blue spirulina powder supplement boosts collagen, is a natural detox, and has added vegan chickpea protein powder. This powerful microalgae is one of the most sustainable food sources on the planet, and its growth actually removes more CO2 from the air than a tree! When they approached us for help with strategy, web, copy, and naming their unique protein powder, we saw it as a great opportunity to put our creative minds to work. We wanted to position Liina as exactly what they are — the premier spirulina brand — and help them educate the world about what this microalgae actually is.

Copy and Naming for a Complex Plant Product

Spirulina, while an ancient superfood, is a multifaceted plant that not many are familiar with. Or, if they are, they might now know the full extent of the product benefits. This made writing copy for the website a challenging but rewarding process, since we had to educate consumers without being wordy or over communicating. This was especially fun for the packaging copy, with a 150-character limit! As part of the copy process, we were also asked to name Liina’s brilliant blue protein powder. In a collaborative effort between the Liina team and our team, we landed on Spirulized — a name that speaks to the protein powder category, but also jumps out to you right away as a unique spirulina product.


An E-Commerce Platform that Educates

We built a custom Shopify site for Liina that was beautiful and easy to manage, that could easily grow with the brand. Our aesthetic approach was inspired by science and natural, organic elements, for an elevated and sleek look that reflected how innovative these products are. The video below is one of several animations we made for Liina, to show how the product is used, and the beautiful, natural blue that makes it so fun to look at — and blend into smoothies, of course! With a product this new and cool, the Shopify had to be all about education and engagement.

The Merging of Health and Science through a Custom Spotify Build

There’s a lot to explore on the custom Shopify we built for Liina. Beyond our surface goals, we wanted to show the world where Spirulina comes from, Lake Texaco, and emphasize that this is an ancient food with health and planetary benefits that we are rediscovering now. With a futurist yet aquatic feel, we made sure to build space into the site for animations and interactive content that could relay this information unpredictably.

A Product Page as Light as Powder

We wanted a page that would communicate a lot of crucial product info, but that still felt light, clear, and flowy. Beyond aesthetics, we incorporated a subscription option to encourage retention and health routines, and also used an app — Yotpo — that enable users to easily leave reviews. Since Yotpo can scale with the client and their future UGC needs, this was a great way to set them up for future success.


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