Custom Web Design, Web Copy, and Illustrations for Aha! Alive

Aha! Alive sells deliciously fresh produce that is alive and still growing, ready to be harvested at a moment’s notice. They approached us to create a custom Shopify site that would easily and engagingly explain their revolutionary technology to customers. Our goal was to marry design and copy for a highly-immersive web experience that showed users just how innovative and cool this brand truly is!


A Custom Shopify that Subtly Educates

There’s nothing quite like Aha! Alive on the market, so we designed various interactive elements to show users the difference. Through scroll and hover effects, custom animations, and video embeds, our team made it easy and fun to quickly learn about all that Aha! Alive has to offer. Users can even see how Aha! Alive’s products differ from other produce on the market, through video comparisons, supplemental copy, and unique benefit sections.


Lettuce Keep it Simple: Copy for a Complex Product

When it comes to successful sites, every single word of copy is precious. With Aha! Alive, we wanted to show the growth process and the difference in nutritional value between their products and other competitors. At the same time, we knew we could easily lose users if copy sections were too long. Boiling down some of these complex concepts into short, easily understandable phrases was a fun challenge for our copy team. Through combining these copy sections with cutting-edge features like videos, users can effortlessly learn everything they need to know. Outside educational copy, we also composed a series of key terms, phrases, and sentences to sprinkle throughout the site.