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Moonshot Snacks

Moonshot: Intro

A Custom Shopify for Moonshot’s Climate Friendly Snacks

Moonshot is entering exciting new terrain by establishing themselves as the nation’s first Climate-Friendly snack brand. We brought their mission to life through a custom Shopify site with built-in subscription options; fun, interactive web design, and accessible copy that successfully embodies their identity and brand mission. Maybe it’s not so far out to shoot for the moon, after all. (You’ll believe us once you try their sustainable crackers 😉).

Moonshot: The Homepage

Let’s Scroll

Moonshot’s custom Shopify creates a world of a hub in the form of an (almost) endless scroll. Consumers can easily learn about Moonshot’s core identity and their Climate-Friendly mission from the onset, yet the structure allows for the Product and Shop pages to remain at the forefront.

To allow site visitors the ability to peruse in a more organic and interactive way, we interspersed discrete, Easter-Egg like clickables throughout the homepage. These clickables zoom into the more complex aspects of the brand, (like where they source their ingredients, what the heck a bran is, and how the Moonshot Co. got so darn cool).

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