Music nerds with a vision

As an agency founded by two DJs, our passion for music finds its way into all that we do. Our experiences instill us with unique insight into the importance of production and how visuals add depth and often enhance a live performance. These projects have allowed us to tap into our imaginative space and build worlds for both artists and audiences.

Barclay Crenshaw

Visuals that tell a story

We were excited to work with Claude Von Stroke on his self-titled album under Barclay Crenshaw and contribute to the album’s extraterrestrial narrative through custom animations. We collaborated with artist Daniel Martin Diaz to materialize his illustrations. We cut up, remixed, and animated the artwork, focusing on the shading and line work to emulate soundwaves, breathing patterns, and moon phases. The album visuals accomplish a vibe that’s both folky and tech-inspired, which effectively tell the album’s story through compelling imagery.


Technical skill met with an affinity for the niche

We’ve always had a penchant for the tech-funk aesthetic, so whenever Claude VonStroke came to us to create visuals for his indie electronic label, it was an immediate coalescence of retrowave vibes that struck the perfect note for the Dirtybird audience. Optical illusions and flickering neons are but a few of the custom animations from promotional material that we created for Dirtybird, Dirtybird Campout, and Claude VonStroke. 
Our work extended into Claude VonStroke’s 2015 Coachella set, where we utilized our production expertise to run projections on a specially made portal screen. We plunged into cult films and television to source campy clips that we altered in real-time using the VJ program Resolume Arena. 

RL Grime

Never afraid to experiment

RL Grime approached us with a vision to promote his upcoming Void tour through visual collateral that was cohesive with the album’s defining cyberpunk theme. To do this, we sourced clips of natural imagery like waves crashing, melting lava, and views of space, then obscured them by altering the colors and adding mirror effects to create a kaleidoscopic feel.

Connor Bvrns

Bringing logos to life

We were thrilled to make the logo for emerging electronic producer, Connor Bvrns, and bring this logo to life through animations. The sharp, minimal form of the logo allowed us to experiment with shapes and perspectives for optimal abstraction. We also explored several organic textures and lighting effects which work to further evolve the logo into a visual element that syncs perfectly with an EDM track. 


Geometry doesn’t have to be boring, it can be a rave

Psychedelic imagery and dance music go hand in hand, so we were stoked to create visuals for EDM legend, TJR. By experimenting with lines and shapes, we made a geometric universe and worked closely with the pallet to produce vibrant pops of color. We further contributed to the illusory effect through text knockouts, and clip layering while paying attention to how fluid transitions would create an immersive viewing experience