cha cha matcha logo

Cha Cha Matcha

Building the Brand from Scratch.

cha cha matcha logo

Final Logo

The logo is every brand's true North Star. Through iteration and collaboration with Cha Cha Matcha, we ultimately landed at a classic looking mark with a fresh perspective on colorways.

cha cha matcha logo

Logo Exploration

logo concepts manufactur

Here are a few of the early versions we explored...

manufactur logo concepts
manufactur logo concepts

And a few others...

cha cha matcha illustrations

Pattern and Illustrations

We created a custom icon set to combine the ambiance of NYC with Latin-infused themes.

Cha Cha MATCHA TIN Side Sticker


After establishing the logo mark we started to apply the brand features informed by color palettes.

cha cha matcha tin

Ultimately we arrived at a classy tin design that was part art piece and part storage.

cha cha matcha plastic cups

Plastic Cups

Here's a great example of how the brand guide ultimately informs all elements of design.

cha cha matcha paper cups

Final Paper Cup

Additional elements are seen here in a similar yet different format.

cha cha matcha neon sign

Neon Concepts

And to top it all off we went 80s retro with this outstanding signage.