Villains Tavern

Villains is a bohemian ode to revelry and our favorite bar in the Warehouse district. Its huge parking lot makes it a biker destination while the eclectic design takes inspiration from exotic bazaars, traveling road shows, real deal pig-pickins and a little bit of steam punk. At the end of the day, this place just works!

Services: DesignWeb

Logo Process

Villains has been around for a quite a while but never really had an “official logo.” Our aim was to create something that complimented the brand without watering down its identity and attitude.



Villains has a decidedly "un-modern" aesthetic, and the website reflects that. We designed a site that incorporates a monochromatic color scheme with distressed paper textures to create an experience thats less digital and more tactile in appearance. The website is easy to update through a custom WordPress backend, and includes calendar for info on your new favorite blue grass band, their next BBQ, or an upcoming movie night. Instagram content is crowdsourced using a VIllains hashtag and is updated in realtime.


The Villains website is mobile optimized and looks great on any device!


Instagram Backend

Instagram content is pulled into the site's backend and easily managed through an optional approval process.