Nicole Richie

Balancing family life, a successful fashion line and hit reality TV show is not easy – we figured at the very least, Nicole Richie’s website could be simple and intuitive. To highlight Nicole’s daily life, reality show and products, her site was designed as something of a home base for everything Nicole. At any given time, Nicole’s social media, fashion line, blog and TV show are just one click away.

Services: Web


Nicole Richie is a multimedia maven in every sense. Between her clothing line, her reality TV show, media appearances, online webisodes, and general social media dominance, Nicole is everywhere. To capitalize on all this content we created a website that wrangles it all into one single, streamlined experience. A dynamic homepage aggregates content from throughout the site into a single page, allowing visitors to quickly dive into everything and all it has to offer. The easy to update WordPress CMS allows blog content to be created and managed from anywhere with ease and pulls in Instagram images from Nicole in real-time. Lastly, a page just for House of Harlowe provides an attractive solution to incorporate her clothing line without the complexity of a full E-commerce build.


With mobile traffic accounting for more than 50% of the sites traffic, it had to look and function on great on any device.