Lucha Tequila

It’s no secret that we have a soft spot for fine tequila, and Lucha makes some of the best. This Pomona-based brand has created an amazing concept, a beautiful bottle, and a stellar product. We teamed up in 2014 to tighten their branding, build their new website, and assist in building their digital presence. We updated their logo, produced photo shoots, designed collateral/in-store product displays, designed/built a custom website, and currently manage social media accounts that convincingly tell the Lucha story. We love this brand so much, that we have decided to partner with them long term and see how far this brand can go. Somos luchadores.

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Designed to highlight Lucha's different tequila offerings, the site revolves around each of the award winning varieties and the common ethos they all share. Their four tequilas - Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, Extra Añejo - are individually tied to compelling characters in a single story. The challenge for us was to contribute to the mythology of these characters in a way that served to complement a tequila that's truly good enough to speak for itself.


The Lucha Tequila website is fully responsive and looks great on both tablets and mobile devices. See for yourself!


Print Design

Did we mention that Lucha has its own legit luchador team? We designed luchador match flyers, managed the printing, and even got to wheat paste some around Pomona to promote a match.



Custom Facebook banners solidify Lucha’s brand at a glance on social media while also allowing us to work custom promotions and upcoming events into banner designs.

Social Engagement & Response

We’ve helped grow the brand in a targeted and organic fashion without using any traditional ads to date. Garnering as much engagement as possible with each post, the avid online community we have helped create is always hungry for more content.



Instagram has given us both a blank canvas and solid platform to get truly creative with the content we create for Lucha. From custom vignettes to hand-drawn comics, we’ve had an opportunity to appeal to both tequila aficionados and Mexican wrestling fans to carve a truly unique niche.

Social Engagement & Response

After creating a voice guide for the brand, we began to build their Instagram following from a couple hundred to a couple thousand followers in a short time. Incentivizing fans to interact via contests and polls, we have run multiple successful campaigns, and our original content consistently garners a high level of interaction.