Howe Clothing

Jade Howe has been designing men’s clothes since before you could dress yourself. Howe Clothing was founded in 2001 by Jade and his long-time friend Tony Hawk, a skateboarder. Building on the notion that what you’re wearing shouldn’t get in the way of what you’re doing, the brand’s main objective is to dress the creative workforce at work and at play. Howe has fast become a best-seller at menswear stores nationwide.

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Howe wanted to move away from self-hosted eCommerce, so we helped them design and create a lightweight site that emphasizes lifestyle, is a breeze to update, and contains model shots that link directly to retailer product pages for purchase.


The site was built responsively so that mobile users have an optimized experience. Check it out!



For Howe’s digital marketing, we produced multi-location photoshoots, videos, and original content produced primarily for social media. We helped create a voice guide that captures Howe in 2015 and continue to help them grow their social reach.