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When the famous Japanese chain, Flipper’s, approached us to help them update their concept for the incredibly competitive and elevated design of the SoHo market in NYC, we were thrilled. With a tight timeline and eye on us abroad, we quickly identified our main challenge: How to sprinkle in the famed Japanese branding while integrating the New York roots of their first soufflé pancake restaurant in America.

New York City
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Flipper’s Branding

Our main objective was to position Flipper’s as a contemporary pancake hub with a unique, local flare. We were influenced by the vibrance and life of the SoHo neighborhood which aimed our focus on a modernistic approach with a whimsical, urban feel.  Our vision came to life through a vibrant color scheme, clever slogans and playful illustrations that were deeply inspired by everything from the subway, to the graffiti, to the chic SoHo streets.

Flipper’s Collateral

We designed and printed menus and all marketing material with the customer in mind. How will the cups looks walking down the street in the hand of a New Yorker? How will they feel when their friend brings a Flipper’s box home? How can we create and cultivate little moments bringing the customer back to the completely heavenly experience of eating a Flipper’s souffle pancake? We had this same approach to the interior, making sure that feeling remained cohesive with the visual identity throughout. Each material showcases our expertise in design and was deeply informed by the brand perimeters that we set which are the connecting thread from the cups to the physical space itself.

Flipper’s Interior Branding

The interior branding is where the synthesis of Flipper’s and NYC is highlighted, engaging with a current and future audience. We used the color yellow in a way that was balanced, fresh, minimal, and modern across the shop. We further incorporated city elements of subway tiles, curated art and the additional pop of customized neon. The balance of light, playfulness, color, and spaces to rest the eye are intentional displays of our steady approach to branding.


Chrissy Teigen

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