Chrissy Teigen


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When Cravings author and unofficial Queen of Twitter, Chrissy Teigen, approached us to help her build a website for her culinary journey, we were thrilled. We closely collaborated with Chrissy’s team to develop an interactive website that invites users a step further than her cookbook and into Chrissy’s kitchen, her favorite restaurants, her cooking experiences in Italy and beyond.

Los Angeles, CA
Strategy, Branding, Website

Web Branding

Our primary objective for the Cravings by Chrissy Teigen website was to create a space for Chrissy’s community based on her deep love for food.  Her culinary passion paired with her down-to-earth personality influenced us to take a modern approach with a vibrant, eccentric flare. 
Our vision for what Chrissy calls her food baby came to life through a warm color scheme and journal-style doodles that helped make the site engaging while also leveraging Chrissy’s position as eclectic food guru. 

The Website

When designing and developing the website, we kept user experience at the forefront of our decisions while carefully incorporating the brand foundations. Our goal was to make the website as captivating as a Chrissy tweet but with more longevity than what social media allows. We created what we feel is a highlyengaging format that seamlessly integrates visits to and from Chrissy’s social media should feel like delving into the daily journal of America’s favorite human.