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Experts in Shopify

With 8+ years building Shopify sites we have been huge proponents of the platform since the beginning. They are by far our preferred Ecommerce platform. We love building on the core Shopify platform and can build extremely custom and powerful sites using their core liquid language.  Going headless and leveraging the power of the Shopify API allows for even more control over custom features, CMS choices, site speed and load times, progressive web app (PWA) google ranking performance, and an app-like experience.

Headless Development

By combining the power of Shopify and Shopify Plus with the flexibility of a modern headless build we are building extremely fast and flexible online stores that help clients rank above the competition and offer huge potential for growth.  Beyond the performance benefits  of our headless setup, as an award winning design agency, this approach also allows us to fully implement a creative vision and blend the boundaries between app and website. We can use a variety of CMS options from WordPress with the WP API to more modern solutions like Shogun Frontend, Contentful or Prismic.  We build on modern JS frameworks like React and Gatsby.

What are you thinking?

Have a project in mind?  Let’s talk and see if its something we can help with. Here are a few of our favorite Shopify projects.

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